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AVES at Mega Mutt Monday

AVES at Mega Mutt Monday

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AVES Food Drive 2016

Thanks to a thriving business sector and unparalleled economic development, Central Texas is among the fastest growing regions in the nation. But amid this growth and prosperity, many of our neighbors are being left behind. The rising cost of housing, utilities, transportation and healthcare leaves many of our neighbors to make impossible choices and painful [...]

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It’s a wrap – AVES Technical Staff Symposium

Education is one of the founding principles of Austin Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center. We believe in not only providing diverse and intensive continuing education opportunities for our staff and doctors, but also for the general practitioners and technical staff in our area. Part of carrying out that vision is our annual AVES Technical Staff Symposium that [...]

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Nationwide Hambone Award – Vote for AVES patient, Rosie!

Nationwide Hambone Award - Vote for AVES patient, Rosie!

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Venomous Snakebites a Danger in Central Texas

Snakebites resulting in envenomation are common emergencies encountered in both dogs and cats. Snakebites can occur anywhere on the body, but are most commonly found on the face or neck of dogs and the paws or front limbs of cats. All snakebites are considered medical emergencies, because if left untreated they can be fatal. There are many [...]

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Heat Stroke in Pets

Heat stroke in pets can be a life-threatening condition. Heat stroke in pets occurs when an animal’s core body temperature rises to dangerously high levels. The degree of body temperature elevation is directly related to the severity of secondary organ damage. Various factors such as obesity, thick hair coat, brachycephalic conformation (“smush-faced” dogs such as [...]

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