Emergency Pet Care

“These people are awesome. My dog got into some Advil the day before we were leaving for a trip. These guys could not have been any more compassionate or professional. Dr. Scibilia was great; she actually got down on the floor to be at the same level as our dog. We got several updates as well as pictures which was so reassuring. I am thrilled to know that there’s finally someplace I feel confident to take my pets to in case of an emergency. A+ 5 stars!!!”


Dog Arthritis Surgery

“I recently visited Austin Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center with my 7 year old Chocolate lab Rocky who has elbow arthritis. I was so impressed with the facility and all of the modern advanced diagnostics and treatments that are available. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable, and the facilities were immaculate! As a large animal veterinarian, I know the importance of client communication and offering all options to owners which Dr. Kalis did. He was very thorough and treated Rocky’s elbows which provided him so much relief. Rocky is feeling so much better and we are very greatful to Dr. Kalis and the team for making him better. I will surely be referring many people to AVES!”

Dr. Jolynn★★★★★

Emergency Pet Care

“I cant recommend this place highly enough. The front desk person was fantastic at just being there, helping me to slow down and focus on the paperwork part of my dogs admission. Once they knew my dog would be ok, I got an immediate update. When the time came to check out, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Dr. Furth. She immediately sat down on the floor and Peanut, my dog, was right by her side. The bond was obvious. Dr. Furth explained everything in detail and was fantastic. She could teach a graduate course on bedside manner.”


Cat Internal Medicine

“Our vet transferred us to AVES Saturday afternoon since our vet would be closing very soon for the weekend. Over at AVES, we were immediately put at ease and knew our kitty would be well cared for. The facility is open 24/7/365 with a large staff of amazing doctors and friendly, compassionate staff. It is very clean and new, with complimentary drinks and snacks in the waiting area. After our consultation with Dr. Tomlin (who was so sweet and took her time with us, reassuring us our baby would be in good hands), we were given an estimate of low end and potential high end cost of treatment, depending on what was actually wrong with him. A thorough abdominal ultrasound and other tests were performed (their specialist was brought in on their own Saturday to do the ultrasound). No blockages were discovered, so it was determined to be a very bad case of gastroenteritis. We were sent home, and our kitten was kept on supportive care overnight, being constantly monitored by the amazing doctors and staff. I left feeling very confident in the care our little one received and will not hesitate to bring a pet here again in case of an emergency. In fact, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”


Dog Dental Surgery

“Our very old springer spaniel had two successful surgeries done on different parts of her mouth by Dr. Redman, the dental specialist. We also used AVES’s emergency services two times and, sadly, a decision was made to put her to sleep the last time she was in emergency. The compassion that the staff provided during this hard time was incredible. We also received cards with hand-written, personal expressions of sympathy from Dr. Jenna Scibillia (and her staff), who was the emergency room veterinarian who handled our dog’s case as well as from Dr. Redman (and her staff) who was notified of her passing by the emergency room. It meant a lot for us to know that so many people at AVES cared and understood how we felt.”


Emergency Pet Care

“It was the end of shift for all of the night staff, but they were all friendly, caring, and eager to help me out. The best part was that the bill wasn’t that much higher than my regular vet. They didn’t pressure me into a bunch of expensive diagnostic tests and procedures – Dr. Scibillia prescribed an antibiotic that worked immediately and some probiotics for maintenance. I hope I never have another vet emergency but wouldn’t hesitate to come here again if I did.”


Dog Oncology and Emergency Pet Care

“We have used AVES for actual emergencies, and unfortunately, now for cancer treatment. This is by far and away the BEST emergency vet that I have been to in Texas… Everyone is so kind, professional, knowledgable, and empathetic to any situation that you could bring. As far as the oncology specialty… I am borderline speechless with the level of care, attention, support, and guidance that we have received at AVES. I wasn’t sure about going down the chemo route, but we received the ABSOLUTE BEST support and information while we were there. The staff was so supportive in providing us with all of our options, and so understanding. I can not express my gratitude enough.”


Cat Radiology

“We came here as a last-ditch effort to get an ultrasound done on our cat the same day that our regular vet found a suspicious lump. The front desk team was diligent in calling me all day to make sure I knew when the radiologist would be there. Our cat ended up being admitted, and the staff of doctors is nothing short of remarkable. They called with regular updates and let us know that our cat was not only getting constant medical care and monitoring, but he was also getting love and affection regularly. When we went to visit him, everyone treated us with kindness and they all wanted to talk about our cat and tell us all about his stay there. When we picked him up to bring him home, the vet tech sat and talked with us about her time with him and it was obvious that our cat had been cared for with the dignity and respect and adoration that he gets from us at home. If you have an emergency, bring your pet here. Both your pet and you will be in great hands.”


Dog Orthopedic Surgery

“AVES is everything a vet should be. When I found out my lab may need surgery on his knee, of course I was freaked out. Our first visit eased all my fears. The staff was very professional and kind throughout the course of my dog’s surgery and post-op. Dr. Kalis personally called to give me updates during the day about how Scout was doing. They also have 24/7 supervision in the facility, so when I was worried in the middle of the night, there was always someone to answer the phone. If your animal must be treated here, rest assured that your pet is in very capable and caring hands.”


Dog Orthopedic Surgery

“Everything from the initial phone call to the post surgery briefing has been nothing but stellar. Everyone from the girls at the front desk, to the vet techs and the veterinarian have been very sweet and friendly and you can tell they all enjoy working there. Nina-Lou liked them, we could tell, and that is probably the best praise a vet clinic can get, after all – our pets are the patients and their well-being is the most important thing! Since or dog is a distemper survivor, there’s always a concern when you have to put her under. AVES use a slightly lighter type of anesthesia as I understand it. They also use a minimal invasive technique for the type of surgery our dog had, allowing for less pain and discomfort and a faster recovery period for the pet. The surgery went well. Dr. Kalis called us right before they were starting operatingon her to let us know and he called us right after they were done to keep us updated on her status. They have staff there 24/7, so your pet is always looked after in the best way and they encourage you to call at any time if you have any questions. They never make you feel like you’re being silly or overprotective of your pet. I strongly recommend AVES for all your pets needs!”


Emergency Pet Care

“Dr. Vaughn removed two small tennis balls swallowed by my dog. Instead of knee-jerk surgery, Dr. Vaughn spent the afternoon inducing vomiting to remove one ball, then she spent 30 minutes fishing the 2nd ball out through the esophagus. Not only did she save my dog from the pain of surgery, but she saved me a significant amount of money.  Her caring and special efforts were very impressive!”


Emergency Pet Care and Surgery

“Our little West Highland Terrier (Sophie) got bit by a rattlesnake in early June. AVES was a true miracle. They saved her life. Dr. Vaughn and her staff worked around the clock to treat Sophie with infection spreading fast. We didn’t know if she would make it as it was the worst rattlesnake bite our local vet and AVES had seen. Dr. Kalis then took over her next phase with multiple wound treatments+foot surgery and nursed her back to health. His surgical skills are outstanding. From the front desk, to the vet techs and doctors, the entire office are true professionals and so caring. Sophie loved each visit. The facility is spotless, state-of-the-art and more impressive than most medical clinics and affordable. Plus, lots of free drinks and snacks while you wait, which is usually very short.”


Dog Oncologic Surgery

“AVES recently treated my dog for a cancerous growth in the mammary areas. The surgeon, Russell Kalis performed the surgery required. Before the procedure, I researched Dr. Kalis’s training and experience and decided there were none better. I was not disappointed. Bertie came through the surgery with a minimum of discomfort in recovery and the results of laboratory testing revealed that all cancerous matter had been removed successfully. Positive testimony for Dr. Kalis’s skills as a surgeon. Prior to and after surgery I was briefed thoroughly so that I always felt confident in the support I received for decision making. I was given a tour of the facility and was impressed especially by the very modern surgery rooms. Once construction is finished, AVES will be a modern 24 hour emergency and specialty center I would recommend to anyone. Reception and technical staff are friendly and helpful proving an atmosphere of caring and support.”







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