Austin, TX (November 19, 2014) – The Doctors and staff are pleased to announce the opening of the surgical center at the Austin Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center (7300 Ranch Road 2222). Hospital doors open November 20.

“Dr. Russell Kalis and I are excited to be part of this comprehensive specialty and emergency veterinary practice,” said Dr. Don Hulse, one of AVES’ leading specialists and a foremost national expert on veterinary orthopedic surgery. “Our focus is on caring and compassionate state of the art services as well as friendly, communicative relationships with pet owners and family veterinarians.”

AVES will launch by opening its surgery center, providing the most advanced veterinary care in the field. The center’s surgical services will encompass soft tissue surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery and sports medicine. One key facet of the service is the ability to perform minimally invasive joint surgery (MIS) using arthroscopy and minimally invasive technique for fracture repair (MIPO). These modalities make it possible to perform surgery with smaller incisions so pets can return home sooner with a higher level of comfort. Additionally, non-interventional treatments such as Autologous Conditioned Plasma (ACP), stem cell therapy, and rehabilitation/conditioning are proven treatment modalities that are coupled with surgical intervention or used alone as primary treatment.

Advanced imaging is possible with an 8-slice computed tomography (CT) scanner in Austin. With this modality and a close association with the radiologists of the Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging of Texas, accurate and precise diagnoses and therapy is achieved. This CT scanner has a high slice count, which reduces scan time, and allows most CT studies to be performed with sedation. The result is a higher resolution to create a better, faster image. Advanced software allows for 3D reconstruction of images, which can help specialists visualize the tissue structures and plan treatment options.

“Minimally invasive techniques combined with an expert knowledge base speaks to the dedication and commitment to the highest quality care we bring to our clients and their pets,” said Dr. Kalis of AVES cutting edge capabilities. “We want nothing but the best for the pets and people we serve.”