Austin, TX (February 3, 2014)- The doctors and staff are pleased to announce the opening of the Emergency and Critical Care service of the 11,000 square foot Austin Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center (7300 Ranch Road 2222). Starting February 13, 2015, the hospital will be available to see emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

“Our pursuit of the highest level of emergency care and availability is something we are completely committed to on an ongoing basis,” said Dr. Lindsay Vaughn, partner and Medical Director of the AVES Emergency & Critical Care department and board-certified veterinary Criticalist. “The goal in opening this new center is to serve as an extension of the family veterinarian. Our doctors and staff will be ready to see patients and handle emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and provide unparalleled access to the Austin community.”

One of AVES’ key strengths in bringing critical care to the community is excellence in communication. Whether or not patient needs are met in veterinary care often relies on communication between the emergency/critical care veterinarians and the patient’s family veterinarian regarding the options for continuing patient care. The Emergency & Critical Care department at AVES will work directly with the family veterinarian to determine whether the patient should return to the family veterinarian during normal business hours or be transferred to a specialist.

The AVES Emergency & Critical Care department is available to manage a wide variety of cases including transfer cases requiring basic overnight care, critical patients requiring long-term care, and emergent patients at any time. AVES’ seasoned emergency doctors, board-certified critical care specialist, and highly skilled technical staff are trained to deliver the appropriate amount of care for each patient. The facility is equipped to handle the full spectrum of patient care needs, from treating something as small as a minor dermatologic issue to performing major cardiothoracic procedures with our surgical staff.

AVES’ new service is an extension of the initial opening of its surgery center in November 2014. The surgery center’s services include soft tissue surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery and sports medicine. One key facet of these surgery service capabilities is the ability to perform minimally invasive surgery (MIS). While there is a separation in the purposes of the surgical and emergency centers, the inclusion of both types of care is a true testament to the complete veterinary care experience AVES seeks to offer its community.

“Providing exceptional surgical care was where our facility started, but the addition of emergency services is crucial to the vision and mission we are pursuing for AVES’ long-term contribution to the veterinary community in Austin,” added Dr. Vaughn. “We want our patients to have the care they need in the form they need it at all times. At 3 AM, when pet owners and pets need us most, AVES will be there.”