I-131 Consent

  • I131 Treatment:
    I understand the benefits and risks of I131 treatment for my cat’s hyperthyroidism, and I authorize I131 treatment for my cat.

    I am aware that brief administration of gas anesthesia or sedation is occasionally required at the time of injection to ensure proper administration of the I131. Though we pick medications we feel are safe, I am aware there are risks of adverse drug reactions and my pet will not be closely monitored as the sedation/anesthesia wears off. I authorize the use of gas anesthesia or selected sedation if needed.

    Safety precautions: I understand that the patient will still be excreting small amounts of radioactivity when he/she comes home. For 3 weeks after they are home, I and my household members will observe the following safety precautions:

    1. Please limit the duration of close contact (such as he/she sitting on your lap) to less than 10 minutes at a time.
    2. Please do not allow them to sleep in bed with you or another person.
    3. Please wear latex gloves when handling your cat’s litter waste. The litter can go into regular trash. Use disposable and absorbent litter.
    4. Keep your cat indoors.
    5. Avoid contact between your cat and any pregnant women, breast-feeding mothers or children.

    In the unfortunate event of patient death in the 3 weeks after treatment, I will contact Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging of Texas as soon as possible.

    Though the I-131 injections happen at AVES, the radiologists are in charge of the injection and questions and concerns regarding the process of I-131 can be directed to VDIT (Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging of Texas) @ 512-585-1721.

  • If you have any questions, please call Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging of Texas at (512) 585-1721.

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