Venomous Snakebites a Danger in Central Texas

Snakebites resulting in envenomation are common emergencies encountered in both dogs and cats. Snakebites can occur anywhere on the body, but are most commonly found on the face or neck of dogs and the paws or front limbs of cats. All snakebites are considered medical emergencies, because if left untreated they can be fatal. There are many [...]

Heat Stroke in Pets

Heat stroke in pets can be a life-threatening condition. Heat stroke in pets occurs when an animal’s core body temperature rises to dangerously high levels. The degree of body temperature elevation is directly related to the severity of secondary organ damage. Various factors such as obesity, thick hair coat, brachycephalic conformation (“smush-faced” dogs such as [...]

Top 10 Toxic Plants for Pets in Central Texas

In 2013, more than 9,000 calls to the Pet Poison hotline were made for toxic plants. Learn about the top 10 toxic plants your pet might encounter, especially in central Texas. A multitude of common household and garden plants can results in toxicity of our family pets. It is important to ensure that the plants in [...]

AVES Continuing Education Lunch and Learns

AVES Continuing Education Lunch and Learns