24 Hour Vet Hospital

Have an Emergency?

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for pets requiring immediate care in Austin, Texas.

Please call us if you need immediate assistance at 512-343-2837.

What to Expect

  • Call us if you need immediate assistance and/or to let us know you are on your way. At this time, let us know if assistance from your car will be needed.
  • We are located in the Ladera Bend shopping center at the base of Jester Blvd. Our veterinary hospital is located on the lower level.
  • Upon arrival to our animal hospital, your pet will be evaluated immediately to ensure that they are stable. Patients in critical condition will be seen by a veterinarian first and will be treated immediately.
  • Our highly-trained patient care personnel will then speak with you to obtain a thorough history of your pet’s condition.
  • The emergency doctor will meet with you. After performing an examination of your pet, the doctor will provide you with diagnostic testing and/or treatment options.
  • If additional monitoring and/or treatment is required, your pet may be admitted to the hospital.
  • While your pet is being treated at our hospital, you will be regularly updated on the status of your pet.
  • After being treated in our hospital, our emergency veterinarian will recommend one of the following for your pet:
    1. Return home with you
    2. Transfer to your family veterinarian
    3. Transfer to one of our on-site specialists

The final recommendation will be a joint decision between you, our emergency doctor, and your family veterinarian


Collaboration with Veterinary Specialists

The emergency veterinarians at AVES work closely with the board-certified veterinary specialists in the management of complex cases.

In-House Laboratory

We maintain a comprehensive in-house laboratory capable of providing point-of-care diagnostics based on the needs of each individual pet. Laboratory results are immediately available to help guide your pet’s medical treatment. 

Diagnostic Imaging

Our doctors are able to utilize digital radiology and ultrasonography to provide a comprehensive evaluation of your pet. We collaborate with board-certified radiologists for complex cases.

Emergency Surgery

Our emergency doctors collaborate with the specialized surgeons at AVES to provide consultations and surgery if necessary.

Patient Monitoring

Patients are continually monitored during their hospital stay. Our hospital utilizes a wide variety of state of the art equipment to monitor vitals including electrical heart rhythm (EKG), blood pressure, oxygenation ability (Pulse Oximetry), and ventilation ability (endo-tidal CO2).

Oxygen Therapy

When respiratory emergencies arise, it’s important that patients receive supplemental oxygen as soon as possible.  We provide several methods of oxygen therapy for pets including oxygen masks, nasal oxygen cannulas, or controlled environment oxygen cages, depending on the needs of the patient.

Transfusion Therapy

Our hospital maintains a variety of blood products. Blood component therapy includes packed red blood cell transfusions, whole blood transfusions, and frozen plasma transfusions. All patients are continually monitored by the emergency veterinarian and highly skilled technical staff during transfusions.


Many animals eat objects or material that they shouldn’t, leaving “foreign material” within their stomach. After a full evaluation of your pet, endoscopic foreign object removal may be recommended to remove the material from their stomach (not all animals are candidates for endoscopy). Endoscopy for the veterinary patient requires general anesthesia while utilizing a fiber-optic camera to visualize the inside of their esophagus and stomach. Often, foreign material can be removed via an endoscope with the hopes of avoiding potential future emergency surgery.

Emergency Doctors




“We love AVES! Now, no one particularly wants to bring your fur babies to an emergency vet... but if you must, this place is awesome!! We initially came to the oncology dept with our silver lab Suni . We were referred by our main vet, and we have already expressed our gratitude to them for introducing us to such a professional staff! We love Rebecca, Katherine, and Dr Stein of the oncology dept. And we recently had to bring our black lab Minnie in for an emergency. Dr Scribilia and staff were awesome(and affordable)!! Not to forget about the front desk staff... they are always friendly, fast, and professional. Thank you all so much for taking care of our fur babies! We appreciate all that you do!”

- Anthony M.






Have an emergency? We are open 24/7/365 for pets requiring immediate assistance.