Monkeypox Virus Information

Christy Corp-Minamiji, DVM It seems like we barely figure out one new virus these days before another hits the news. You’ve almost certainly heard of the Monkeypox virus by now and have questions about your own health and that of your pets. While we’re still learning more about this virus and how it moves between [...]

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AVES Lobby and Examination rooms are now open!

It’s hard to believe it has been more than two years since we had to shut down our lobby doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve missed seeing you and are excited to announce that as of today, September 19th, we’ve opened our lobby and examination rooms and are ready to welcome you back inside. [...]

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  • hip replacement dogs

What Dog Owners Should Know About Total Hip Replacement

Total hip replacement (THR) is considered the gold standard treatment for large-breed dogs affected by severe hip dysplasia, especially when medical management has become ineffective. Our orthopedic team at Austin Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center (AVES) has the ability to perform this technically demanding procedure to improve your pet’s quality of life. What is total [...]

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  • foreign bodies in pets

Gastrointestinal Foreign Bodies: A Life-Threatening Danger for Your Pet

Your pet’s inquisitive nature is probably one of their most endearing qualities, but it can also land them in a heap of trouble. Animals use their senses of smell and taste to explore their world, which means that something that looks interesting goes into their mouth, and is often swallowed. While some items pass without [...]

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  • cardiovascular disease in pets

Cardiovascular Disease in Pets: A Silent Threat

Bella is a 6-year-old long-haired cat who loves pouncing on her toy mice and napping in the sun. When Bella’s owner noticed her sleeping more than normal and not eating her entire dinner and knowing that Bella was overdue for her annual wellness visit, she scheduled an appointment with their family veterinarian. During Bella’s exam, [...]

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  • Lymphoma in dogs

Oncology Highlight: Canine Lymphoma

Dogs can develop many different types of cancer. Canine lymphoma accounts for up to 24% of all dog cancers, and is the most common cancer type arising from hematopoietic cells (i.e., immature blood cells). If your dog has been diagnosed with lymphoma, you likely have many questions about their cancer type, and their long-term prognosis. [...]

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