Orthodontic Treatment Consent

  • AVES believes that all pets are entitled to a comfortable and functional bite; however, the correction of dental defects in pets has ethical, moral and legal implications.

    Because many orthodontic conditions are inherited, and many dental repairs can result in cosmetic improvement, we strongly recommend that pets with orthodontic conditions not be used for breeding purposes and that they be neutered so that they may not be shown in conformation classes.

    The American Kennel Club rules expressly prohibit the showing of dogs which have been “changed in appearance by artificial means.” Orthodontic treatment is considered “artificial means” and, therefore, would disqualify your pet as a show dog.

    By signing below, you are: 1) acknowledging your understanding of the foregoing; 2) representing that you are not requesting orthodontic treatment for your pet with the intent to deceive or mislead any person or organization, including but not limited to, the American Kennel Club; and 3) consenting to orthodontic treatment of your pet by AVES.

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