Case Studies

Management of Prolonged Starvation in a Cat – by Amaris Franco, DVM, DACVECC

Patient: Lily Signalment: 7-year-old spayed female DLH History and presenting complaint: Lily presented to the emergency service at AVES for severe weakness, dehydration, and emaciation. Lily’s family was moving into their new home on January 4th [...]

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Canine Heat Stroke – by Jami Becker, DVM, DACVECC

Case Study: Heat Stroke in Canine Patient Signalment: 2-year-old, male neutered, Labrador Retriever History: Patient presented in July after a hike, laying down and not wanting to get back up. His owner suspected he overheated [...]

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Bacterial Meningitis – by Tracy Sutton, DVM, DACVIM

A 5-year-old spayed female Standard Poodle was brought to AVES ER with acute onset inappetence, teeth chattering, and intermittently turning left. After evaluation, the AVES ER team performed bloodwork, cervical/skull radiographs and a sedated oral [...]

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High Flow Nasal Oxygen Therapy utilized for Non-Cardiogenic Pulmonary Edema in a Near Drowning episode – by Jami Becker DVM, DACVECC

SIGNALMENT 13 week old, Female Intact, Labrador HISTORY On Monday Apri 17th around 1:30 pm Evie fell into her family’s pool. When she was pulled from the water she was weak, had a dull mentation [...]

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Total Hip Replacement – A Complete Information Guide – by Russell Kalis, DVM, DACVS-SA

A total hip replacement (THR) procedure replaces both the head of the femur (‘ball’) and the acetabulum (‘socket’) of the hip joint (‘ball-and-socket’ joint) resulting in a complete arthroplasty. At AVES we use state of [...]

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Liver Mass Removal – By Jeremy Fleming, DVM, DACVS-SA

“Fluffy” is an 8 year old, neutered male mixed breed dog who was presented to AVES for an incidentally found liver mass. He was initially seen by his primary care veterinarian for a broken nail [...]

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