1-year-old male neutered Dachshund.


Presenting to AVES Surgery for evaluation of non-weight bearing, right hindlimb lameness.
Recently evaluated by his veterinarian with radiographs of the right pelvic limb and referred to AVES for
an angular limb deformity.

Orthopedic examination:

Ambulatory, with intermittently non-weight bearing lameness of the right pelvic
limb. Grade I/IV medial patellar luxation on the right. Otherwise normal orthopedic and neurologic


Sedated AP and lateral tibial radiographs (bilateral for surgical planning)


Pes Varus. This is a bone deformity attributed to eccentric medial closure of the distal tibial
physis causing varus angulation or “bow-legging”. Most affected dogs are juvenile Dachshunds without a
history of trauma, so a genetic cause is suspected. Most affected Dachshunds develop some degree of
lameness. Treatment of Pes Varus is via surgical correction with a procedure known as a distal tibial
corrective osteotomy. Surgical correction improves limb function, appearance of the limb and delays onset
of osteoarthritis with the principal objective of correction being realignment of the joint surfaces proximal
and distal to the deformity. Correction by open or closed wedge osteotomies stabilized with locking plates
or an external fixator have been reported with excellent outcomes.


Distal Tibial Opening Wedge Corrective Osteotomy


Ambulatory, with no apparent lameness at a walk or trot. Nonpainful range of motion of the
tarsus and stifle. Healing osteotomy with no radiographic evidence of complications.